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Objection No:Dead Can Hear

Objection No:1 Regarding Quranic verse

Quran says
Verily, you cannot make the dead to hear , nor can you make the deaf to hear the call, when they flee, turning their backs(27:80 and 30:52)
: Does above verse mean that Dead (muslims and non muslims cannot hear)
: This verse has more of a methaphoric meaning, secondly it refers to the kufaar not muslims in this case

Next verse says
: Nor can you lead the blind out of their error, you can only make to hear those who believe in Our Ayât, and who have submitted

[Quran 27:81 and 30:53]

this doesn’t only refute the argument regarding first verse which some put forward that dead cannot hear in any circumstances but also makes it clear that muslims can hear as Allah says himself in the next verse , you can only make to hear those who believe in Our Ayât,

now let us go and check various authentic tafsirs regarding this verse

Tafsir ibn e khateer

for verse 27:80/1 and 30:52/3 says

{ إِنَّكَ لاَ تُسْمِعُ ٱلْمَوْتَىٰ } أي: لا تسمعهم شيئاً ينفعهم، فكذلك هؤلاء، على قلوبهم غشاوة، وفي آذانهم وقر الكفر، ولهذا قال تعالى: { وَلاَ تُسْمِعُ ٱلصُّمَّ ٱلدُّعَآءَ إِذَا وَلَّوْاْ مُدْبِرِينَ وَمَآ أَنتَ بِهَادِي ٱلْعُمْيِ عَن ضَلالَتِهِمْ إِن تُسْمِعُ إِلاَّ مَن يُؤْمِنُ بِآيَاتِنَا فَهُم مُّسْلِمُونَ } أي: إنما يستجيب لك من هو سميع بصير، السمع والبصر النافع في القلب والبصيرة، الخاضعُ لله ولما جاء عنه على ألسنة الرسل عليهم السلام.

(Verily, you cannot make the dead to hear)
meaning, you cannot cause them to hear anything that will benefit them. The same applies to those over whose hearts is a veil and in whose ears is deafness of disbelief. Allah says:

(nor can you make the deaf to hear the call, when they flee, turning their backs. Nor can you lead the blind out of their error. You can only make to hear those who believe in Our Ayat, so they submit (became Muslims).) meaning, those who have hearing and insight will respond to you, those whose hearing and sight are of benefit to their hearts and who are humble towards Allah and to the Message that comes to them through the mouths of the Messengers, may peace be upon them.[end]

Arabic link


From above it seems these verses are not for those in Grave even , its talking about non muslims in the world who don’t get hidaya and don’t listen to word of Allah with an open heart, whos Hearts are dead,

People quote these verses out of context without going into Authentic tafsirs or reading the next verse even,peace

Objection No:2
Regarding Quranic verse

Quran states:
Nor are (alike) the living and the dead. Verily, Allâh makes whom He will hear, but you cannot make hear those who are in graves

[quran 35:22]

In above verse the first part is talking about Disbelievers and muslims when it comes to Nor are (alike) the living and the dead and Tafsirs will shortly prove it,

In the second part Allah says Verily, Allâh makes whom He will hear , this clearly indicated that whom Allah (swt) wills he can hear and its not impossible , its already proved from several hadiths that not only believers but even non muslims can hear better then living from the grave,

Tafsir Ibn Kathir on this verse

وقوله تعالى: { إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ يُسْمِعُ مَن يَشَآءُ } أي: يهديهم إلى سماع الحجة وقبولها والانقياد لها. { وَمَآ أَنتَ بِمُسْمِعٍ مَّن فِى ٱلْقُبُورِ } أي: كما لا ينتفع الأموات بعد موتهم وصيرورتهم إلى قبورهم وهم كفار بالهداية والدعوة إليها، كذلك هؤلاء المشركون الذين كتب عليهم الشقاوة، لا حيلة لك فيهم، ولا تستطيع هدايتهم { إِنْ أَنتَ إِلاَّ نَذِيرٌ } أي: إنما عليك البلاغ والإنذار، والله يضل من يشاء، ويهدي من يشاء، { إِنَّا أَرْسَلْنَـٰكَ بِٱلْحَقِّ بَشِيرًا وَنَذِيرًا } أي: بشيراً للمؤمنين، ونذيراً للكافرين، { وَإِن مِّنْ أُمَّةٍ إِلاَّ خَلاَ فِيهَا نَذِيرٌ } أي: وما من أمة خلت من بني آدم، إلا وقد بعث الله تعالى إليهم النذر، وأزاح عنهم العلل؛ كما قال تعالى:

(Verily, Allah makes whom He wills to hear,)
means. He guides them to listen to the proof and accept it and adhere it.

(but you cannot make hear those who are in graves.)
means, `just as the dead as disbelievers and ended up in the graves, so too you cannot help these idolators who are decreed to be doomed, and you cannot guide them.’[end]

Click here for Arabic source of Above Tafsir

The above Tafsir doesn’t only seperat the hearing part of dead but says it explains that its talking about guidance and accepting the truth, not about hearing, its also an agreed and acceptable fact that dead cannot accept Islam once they are dead.

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