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PART TWO: Some Hadiths on the Name of Muhammad being Inscribed / Written on the Throne {‘Arsh’} of Allah Almighty and Sayyidu


Some Hadiths on the Name of Muhammad being Inscribed / Written on the Throne {‘Arsh’} of Allah Almighty and Sayyiduna Adam’s ‘Wasilah’ through it!

Hadith One:

The giant Hanbali Muhaddith, Imam Ibn Jawzi narrated in ‘Al Wafa bi Ahwal ul Mustafa’ from the Sahabi, Sayyiduna Maysarat al-Fajr:

“I said: “Rasul-Allah! When were you made a Prophet?” He replied: “When Allah created the earth and turned to the heavens, arranging them into seven heavens, and He created the Throne {‘Arsh’}, He wrote on the Leg / Pillar of the Throne {‘Arsh’}: MUHAMMAD IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH AND THE SEAL OF PROPHETS. And Allah created Paradise in which He made <sayyiduna></sayyiduna> Adam and <sayyidah></sayyidah> Hawwa’ dwell, then He wrote my name [there] on the gates, the tree-leaves, the houses and tents, while <sayyiduna></sayyiduna> Adam was still between the spirit and the body. When Allah Almighty brought him to life, he looked at the Throne and saw my name, whereupon Allah Almighty informed him: ‘He is the liege-lord of your offspring.’ When Shaytan deceived them, they repented and sought intercession with my name from Him.”

The Hadith master Imam Salihi Shafai Dimishqi cited it in ‘Subul ul Huda wal Rashad (Beirut ed. 1:86/Cairo ed. 1:104)’ and said: “Its chain is Good and there is no harm in it.”
The grand Muhaddith and Historian Imam Halabi Shafai’ also cited it in his excellent ‘Sirat ur Rasul (1:355)’.

The Maliki Hadith Master of Morroco, Imam Abdullah bin Siddiq Ghumari confirmed the above grading in ‘Murshid al Ha’ir (p. 37)’.

The Shafai Hadith Master of Egypt, Shaykh Mahmud Mamduh confirmed and authenticated the above grading in his magnum-opus ‘Raf al Minara fi Takhrij Ahadith at Tawassul wal Ziyarah (p. 247-249)’.
The Shaykh al Islam of Salafiya/Ahle Hadith, Shaykh Ibn Taymiya Hanbali Harani cites the entire wording with the full chain in ‘Majmu al Fatawa (2:150-151)’ but he adds “from Muhammad bin Salih” between Ahmad bin Ishaq al Wazzan and Ibn Sinan al Awqi in the ‘Sanad’. If correct, this additional link could be either the trustworthy Hafiz of Hadith, Muhammad bin Salih bin Abdur Rahman al Anmati al Sufi, also known as Kaylaja (d. 271 A.H) or Muhammad bin Salih al Wasiti Ka’ab al Dhira, who is also trustworthy.

In conclusion, the Chain of Narrators {‘Sanad’} remains a Strong Chain!

Hadith Two:

Imam Khallal narrated in ‘Al Sunna (1:261)’ from the Sahabi, Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Abbas: “Allah Almighty revealed to <sayyiduna></sayyiduna> Isa: ‘O Isa! Believe in Muhammad and command whosoever reaches his time among your Community {‘Ummah’} that they believe in him. Were it not for Muhammad, I would not have created Adam, and were it not for Muhammad, I would not have created Paradise or Hellfire. Indeed, I created the Throne {‘Arsh’} on top of the water and it shook, so I Inscribed upon it La Ilaha Illa ALLAH MUHAMMAD UN RASULULLAH, whereupon it stood still.’” Imam Al Khallal said: “I read it to Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Bishr bin Sharik and he concurred with it.” i.e. with its being Authentic.

Imam Hakim Shafai’ Nayshapuri similarly narrated in the ‘Mustadrak (2:614-615=2:271)’ and said: “This is a Sound-Chained {‘Sahih ul Isnad’} Hadith but <imam></imam> Bukhari and <imam></imam> Muslim did not narrate it.”

Imam Dhahabi in his ‘Talkhis al Mustadrak’ and ‘Mizan al Itidal’ (in the note on Amr ibn Aws) conjectures that Ibn Abbas’s narration is forged (‘azunnuhu mawdu’an’) but brings no proof to support his judgement, nor the Chain of Narrators of this Hadith contains a liar nor a forger! And Except for Imam Dhahabi, none of the other giant Hadith Masters in Islamic History held this view; in-fact all of them verified and transmitted this Hadith without criticising it in any way. The modern day Wahhabiya/Salafiya/ Deobandiya/ Jamat al Islamiya are the only ones to imitate Imam Dhahabi in this strange grading of his.
Hadith Three:

Imam Tibrani narrated in ‘Mu’jam al Saghir (2:82 § 992)’ and in ‘Mu’jam al Awsat (6:313-614 § 6502)’ from the Sahabi, Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Umar through his father Sayyiduna Umar bin Khattab that:

The Prophet said: “When <sayyiduna></sayyiduna> Adam committed the sin he made, he raised his head toward the Throne {‘Arsh’} and said: ‘I am asking You by the right of Muhammad to forgive me!’ Allah, Most High revealed to him: ‘What is Muhammad? Who is Muhammad?’ He replied: ‘Glorified be Your Name! When You created me I raised my head toward Your Throne {‘Arsh’} and [saw] there was written on it: La Ilaha Illa ALLAH MUHAMMADUN RASULULLAH. I knew that there was no one more magnificent in Your sight than him whose name You placed next to Your Name!’ Allah, Most High revealed to him: ‘O Adam! Truly he <muhammad></muhammad> is the last of the Prophets from your seed and his Community are the last of all Communities from your seed. Were it not for him, O Adam, I would not have created you!’”

Hadith Four:

A Hadith as above with slight variation in the wordings is also narrated by Imam Hakim in ‘Mustadrak (2:615)’ and Imam Bayhaqi in ‘Dala’il ul Nubuwa (5:488-489)’ as follows:

Sayyiduna Umar bin Khattab narrated that the Prophet said: “When <sayyiduna></sayyiduna> Adam committed his mistake, he said: ‘O my Lord, I am asking You to forgive me for the sake of Muhammad.’ Allah, Most High said: ‘O Adam! And how do you know about Muhammad whom I have not yet created <physically></physically>?’ <sayyiduna></sayyiduna> Adam replied: ‘O my Lord! After You created me with Your hand <hand means=”” power=””></hand>and breathed into me of Your spirit, I raised my head and saw written on the heights of the Throne {‘Arsh’}: “La Ilaha Illa ALLAH MUHAMMAD UN RASULULLAH.” I knew that You would not place next to Your Name but the most beloved one of Your creation!’ Allah, Most High said: ‘O Adam, I have forgiven you, and were it not for Muhammad, I would not have created you!’”

Imam Ibn Kathir Shafai’ also narrates this Hadith in ‘Bidaya wal Nihaya (1:81 / 1: 91 & 2:322 / 2: 393)’; and in ‘Sirat un Nabwiyah (1:30)’ and in ‘Qisas al Anbiya (1:29)’.

Imam Jalaluddin Suyuti Shafai narrates this Hadith in ‘Tafsir Durr al Manthur (1:60)’ and Shaykh Mahmud Mamduh in ‘Raf al Minarah (p. 246-247)’.

One of the narrators in the above Hadith, Abdur Rahman bin Zayd bin Aslam was declared ‘Weak’ by Imam Bayhaqi, though Imam Ibn Adi in his ‘Kamil ud Duafa’ considered that his narrations were overall fair.

Imam Dhahabi as usual went into extremes by declaring the Hadith as Forged!

Shaykh Ibn Taymiya said:
  فهذا الحديث يؤيد الذي قبله وهما كالتفسير للأحاديث الصحيحة
Translation: “This hadith corresponds to the Hadith mentioned before <i.e. the=”” hadith=”” of=”” sayyiduna=”” umar=”” bin=”” khattab=””></i.e.> These two are like the explanations {‘Tafsir’} of the authentic {‘Sahih’} Ahadiths.” {Majmu al Fatawa; 2:150}
The Muhaddith of Makkah, Imam Sayyid Muhammad bin al Alawi al Maliki commented on this statement of Shaykh Ibn Taymiya as follows: “This indicates that Ibn Taymiya found the Hadith authentic enough to be considered a witness for other narrations (salih li al-istishhad wa al-i`tibar), because the forged (al-mawdu`) and the false (al-batil) are not taken as witness by the people of Hadith.”
Some Additional Narrations of various Strengths which provide supplementary support to the above Hadiths are as follows:

1.      Imam Jalaluddin Suyuti Shafai’ narrates in ‘Durr al Manthur (3:117)’ and Imam Salihi in ‘Subul al Huda wa Rashad (1:85=Cairo ed. 1:104)’ mentions that Imam Ibn Abi Asim in his ‘Musnad (= al-Sunna p. 306)’ and Imam Abu Nu’aym narrate from Sayyiduna Anas bin Malik that Allah Almighty said to <sayyiduna></sayyiduna> Musa: “O Musa, whoever meets Me disbelieving in Muhammad, I shall cause him to enter the Fire.” <sayyiduna></sayyiduna> Musa said: “Who is Muhammad?” He replied: “O Musa, I swear it by My Power and My Glory! I never created anything dearer to Me than him. I <i.e. allah=”” almighty=””> have written his <i.e. muhammad=””> name together with My Name on the Throne {‘Arsh’} before I created the heavens and the earth and the sun and moon by two thousand years.</i.e.></i.e.>

This Hadith is also cited by Imam Suyuti from Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Abbas in ‘Tafsir Durr al Manthur (6:418-419)’.

2.      The great Sufi Muhaddith, Imam Ibn Abi Dunya in his excellent ‘Manazil al Ashraf (p. 113; H# 23)’ narrated with his chain that Sayyiduna Said bin Jubayr said: “The children of <sayyiduna></sayyiduna>Adam differed over who was the dearest of creatures to Allah Almighty; some of them saying it was the angels who never disobey Allah. They went to <sayyiduna></sayyiduna>Adam who replied: ‘Truly, I am the dearest of all creatures except that when the spirit was breathed into me, it had hardly reached my feet before I sat up fully and the Throne {‘Arsh’} glimmered before me and I gazed at it; lo and behold! There was [written] on it MUHAMMAD UN RASULULLAH. In reality, he is the dearest of all creatures to Allah Almighty!’”

The stubbornness of the Wahhabiya/ Salafiya/ Ahle Hadith/ Deobandiya/ Jamat al Islamiya in not accepting this ‘Sahih’ Hadith of Tawassul of Sayyiduna Adam and Sayyidah Hawwa through the Beloved Rasul-Allah is a strong indication of their Misguidance and Innovation in ‘Aqidah’; denial of Authentic Tafsirs and Hadiths which oppose their new creed and doctrine; their grudge against an established ‘Aqidah’ of Tawassul; and their tactics to deny the immense merits and lofty status of the Beloved Rasul-Allah!

The above Hadiths have been compiled in refutation and answer to a clumsy claim of a person which was received in an e-mail by my dear friend and was forwarded to me. 

Was Salam
Basharath Ali Siddiqui
Hanafi Ashrafi
Ahl us Sunnah Foundation,
Hyderabad, India.

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